New Genesis Home

Founded in Denver in 1986, New Genesis is the only Denver area homeless program for working people. Designed out of a need to more successfully improve the lives of the homeless, New Genesis provides a stable environment, helping people get off the streets and back into society. New Genesis emphasizes a proactive resident care management program and outlines specific behavioral objectives for residents, including the ability to live a more productive and independent life, maintain a job and help improve the lives of other residents. Residents are required to be substance free and hold a full time job.

New Genesis works to provide more than just emergency services to the homeless; each year, we assist over 1,100 people off the streets and back into a fully productive lifestyle.

In 2004, the Denver Board of Directors of New Genesis challenged its staff and leadership to identify other communities with homeless populations that could benefit from the New Genesis clinical model. The Women and Men’s Transitional Housing Program was established in Las Vegas in October, 2005 and we continue to research additional communities to establish shelters.