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New Genesis Programs

Forming partnerships with a variety of social service agencies, New Genesis accepts referrals from the criminal justice system, domestic violence centers, and homeless shelters providing emergency help.

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Unlike other shelters, New Genesis requires clients to pay rent, participate in the upkeep of the shelter, and work. This proves to be very effective in ultimately breaking the cycle of homelessness. Requiring accountability (by having clients pay rent) is economically efficient — client fees cover 70% of costs, and provide significant leverage to our donor base.

Tight controls exist for the first 30 days, then freedom (and anxiety) gradually increase until clients are able to cope with day-to-day life on their own. 50% of clients make it through the first 30 days. Of those that do, 70% ultimately succeed.

Successful graduates re-enter the community with newfound social skills, increased employment opportunities, and an appetite for independent living.

The shelter program entails three distinct phases:

    • Orientation Phase: New Genesis provides a thorough evaluation of the strengths a client brings into the experience and an individual service plan is developed.
    • Residential Phase: Clients focus on continued sobriety, increased employment opportunities, restoring credit, and saving money.